How do we work?

Identifying the
project vision

Before project commencement, we identify the goals for the project together with you so that we can produce the best possible result. Due to many varying sources of motivation such as ‘cost reduction’, ‘establishing a failover strategy’, ‘improving user experience’ among others, it is extremely important to clearly define these sources of motivation beforehand. Only upon completion of this can we carry out deeper analysis of your software or infrastructure.

Among other things, we ask the following questions:

  • Why the cloud?
  • What is the timeframe?
  • What do you want to get from this?
  • What is the budget?

Analysis of current
software and hardware

We analyse your software stack and discuss various possibilities for the use with AWS infrastructure. Transferring servers to the Amazon EC2 server environment is generally straight-forward; however, it does not offer the same advantages associated with a cloud infrastructure. We show you the various options and possible changes required in the software stack.

  • Test for 1:1 transfer
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Analysis of current software stack
  • Presentation of innovative ideas

Provision of an
Amazon AWS™ concept

We outline the solution concept we have developed with diagram elements typical for Amazon AWS and describe any potentially necessary changes to your software stack. We are also happy to estimate the expense involved in carrying out the changes for your software environment. Upon request, we can transfer the entire project to an agile concept such as Scrum.

  • Software concepts
  • Failover strategies
  • Consultation on scaling
  • AWS cost structure consultation

Support in precise
AWS rollout and iteration

Our experts support you not only during planning and development, but also during the rollout of the software onto the AWS infrastructure. In addition to mentoring for rollouts, we also offer support for any necessary iterations. In addition, we create no-deployment downtime concepts for you so that you can guarantee the best possible availability of your software.

  • Rollout mentoring
  • Deployment strategies
  • Monitoring concepts
  • User activity concepts


Example 1:
Databases & File Storage

Data storage possibilities are highly diverse making choosing the right solution quite a challenge. Ranging from object stores such as Amazon S3™, to NoSQL databases such as DynamoDB™, file stores like Amazon EFS™ right to relational databases such as MariaDB™ or Postgresql™.

We help with the migration of a relational database from on-premise to the cloud as well as with the analysis of a storage solution for a software product that is yet to be developed. The respective advantages of each solution differ greatly and choosing the right storage solution will make a significant difference to the quality of your product.


Example 2:
Serverless Computing

Monolithic applications have long been perceived as problematic. Even though microservice deployments to EC2 break up the monoliths, they are still not the optimal scenario in an AWS environment. The requirement to only pay for what is needed in terms of performance and to be able to scale without complications remains unfulfilled.

Join us in the world of ‘serverless computing’ with Amazon Lambda™. We offer you insights into architectural options that will not only allow you to run your microservices but will also allow you to enter the Amazon environment in a cost-effective manner and with unlimited scalability. We show you how to create decoupled applications using events.

other examples

Identity Management

Authentification and authorisation with AWS Cognito™ and OAuth2 with IdentityPools.

Image Recognition

Automatic pattern recognition and text extraction as a service with Amazon Rekognition™.

Messaging & Pub/Sub

Creation of robust microservice environments using Amazon SNS™ and SQS™.

Website Hosting

Cost-effective hosting and distribution on nodes worldwide with Amazon S3™ and Cloudfront™.

EC2 Hosting

Servers in the cloud via Amazon EC2™ with network features such as load balancing and more.

Infrastructure as Code

Secure reproduction of infrastructures via Amazon Cloudformation™ and Serverless Framework.

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